The Backroads of Alentejo – You Can´t Skip Portugal


Alentejo is located in the South part of Portugal, between Lisbon and the Algarve.

The word itself “Além-Tejo” means “beyond the Tagus River”, since its geographical limits start right there, after the Tagus River. It borders also, on East with Spain and on West with the Atlantic Ocean. Most noteworthy the region occupies about 30% of the national territory in area but only 5% of the Portuguese Population, as a result you can trust you’ll have peace and quiet.

It’s considered a very rural region, where agriculture dominates the local economy – Wine, Olives, Cork, Cereals, Cattle, Vegetables and fruits – it is generally known as the “Bread Basket” or the “Barn” of Portugal!

Wine & Gastronomy – Get Ready to be Surprised

In the last decade, Alentejo was able to gather some of the best prizes in the Wine industry, such as “The Best Wine Region in the World” by the USA Today. Along with the Gastronomy, wine is perhaps the flagship product of this region, producing some of the best nectars in the World. As you can imagine, wineries and cellars are something that you can find quiet effortless…just need to choose the most authentic ones!



Regarding Gastronomy…it’s mainly traditional and “old-fashioned” style…just the way we like it! The diet is mostly codfish and meat based  – specially Pork and Lamb; with an incredible wide variety of  desserts for those that have a sweet tooth – Alentejo it is known for it’s tradition in the confectionery sector as one of the bests in the Country, based on egg yolks, sugar, cinnamon, almonds and nuts.

The intensely rich and sweet flavors have it’s origins in Convents and Monasteries, where old Nuns created and perfected such desserts, for the reason that they had surplus yolks to use (egg whites were used to stiffen their habits). A must taste for sure!

In this small region there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The cities of Évora and Elvas – and a numerous of Medieval Villages like Monsaraz, Castelo de Vide or Marvão. The ancient streets of Monsaraz, for example, are very advised to be visited for a late night walk, even more during Spring and Autumn.

We invite you to get to know this region, in a different way!


We organize very special Bike Tours – some of them thematic! – in Alentejo, in a way that you can enjoy every single detail that was explained.

What can you expect:
  1. Picturesque Landscapes and immense Cork and Olive Trees Meadows
  2. Visit and Tasting one of the most prestigious Wine Cellars in the World – High end Wines with ancestral traditions
  3. The beauty of the UNESCO City of Évora
  4. The Alqueva Lake – The biggest man-made Lake in Europe
  5. Some of the best and exclusive Accommodations
  6. Some of the most beautiful and quiet Backroads for your Bike Tour in Portugal


We invite you to take a look at one of our Programs/Tours:

 Leisure Portugal Bike Tour, designed for Families & Friends: The Alentejo Heritage Bike Tour

Active Portugal Bike Tour, designed for Cycling Fans: The Alentejo Backroads Bike Tour

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