It’s harvest season!!!

Did you know that September is the peak of harvest season in Portugal?

The vineyards come alive, while workers actively pick the mature grapes that will originate wonderful wines… only the best bunches are selected for the super premium, that, in most places is still produced the old way – selecting the best varieties and then carefully stomp on the grapes with the feet for a smooth red wine….

Machinery certainly revolutionized the work at a cellar, and despite the fact that we now encounter modern and highly automatized vinification centers, winemakers don’t neglect the fact that if you want to take the most of the grapes you have to go old school.

And this mean that grapes are hand picked, and sent to the cellar in large baskets. Then are taken and poured into large stone or stainless steel tanks/lagares and stomped by a group of workers to squash them and squeeze the liquid out from the skin. This happens to the sound of someone marking the rhythm with a song, so workers while embracing each other, can stomp in a synchronized and more effective way. After this, the grapes pulp are left to ferment and what happens next is kind of a secret because each winery has its own “recipe” to produce their unique wines.

Our Alentejo Vineyards Colours bike tour was designed to honour the winemaking tradition in the Alentejo, on a route that takes you biking trough vineyards and staying at wine resorts, learning all about some of the best Portuguese wines!!!