Have you ever tried a digital detox?

Why not turn your next holidays into an opportunity to get away from such a digital dependent world?

We are sure that won’t be easy, but for certain will allow you to reconnect with yourself in a rediscovered way…

We currently live in such a world that social media and the new technologies consume us and disconnect us from real world interactions.

Although for many being constantly online is an expectation of bosses, colleagues and clients, too much connectivity is taxing on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Take a look at some benefits of a digital detox:

  • reduce stress
  • focus on social interaction of the physical world
  • breaks the pattern of “always available”
  • breaks the reward cycles that we fuel with our incessant checking of smartphones, social media and email
  • to read. To walk. To sing. To dance. To do whatever it is that you want time for
  • to question and notice the ways you’ve become dependent on, reliant on or addicted to certain digital platforms or media. (It’s easier to observe your behaviour when you take a step back.)
  • to form memories (rather than being so distracted that you forget things). To have experiences for the sake of the experience, not for the sake of posting on social media.

Give it a try and you’ll have more focus and a different perspective for sure when you reconnected again!