Tips for night cycling

The night has its own appeal. The city lights are on and the traffic is almost nonexistent. As everything in life, night cycling has it’s pros and cons. However, it can be a good experience. With this article we aim to give you some useful tips for your safety and enjoyment!

1- Plan

Planning is getting ready. And being ready is halfway to success. Choose your route wisely, try to choose paths appropriate for cycling or, at least, with good lighting and low traffic.

Plan what you must add to your bike, what to take (like a mobile phone, just in case), what to wear, among other things. The essentials that you must keep in your mind are in the following tips!

2-Choose the right bike

Knowing which route you will take and the weather conditions, choose what bike to take. Never forget that there’s additional features of the bike that you must take in account, like its lights.

If you want to buy a bike, we give you some tips here!

3-The lights

Make it flashy, extravagant, Christmas-ready! We may have exaggerated there, but make sure you are well seen. A front light and a rear light are a must! If possible buy some flashy rear light, it will improve your presence on the road. Also, take a back up light, just in case the battery of a light ends or breaks.

4-The clothes

The objective here isn’t to be fashionable but to be seen. Wear reflective clothes. If you haven’t got any and you’re determined to go cycling, make sure to add reflective tape to your clothes. This way, you raise the chances of being seen from even further way.

For more detailed info on cycling clothes, check this article.

5- Wear clear sunglasses

Simple, affordable and effective. Yes, some aren’t that pretty, but again, the fashion isn’t the priority here. Besides, they’re perfect for any type of weather: They protect your eyes from debris, rain won’t bother you (especially if they’re mirror coated).

6-Be vigilant

Be ever vigilant about your surroundings, traffic signs and possible pedestrians. Be way, slow down, watch out for any holes on the road and enjoy the journey!


We hope you can find our tips useful and put them in practice. Enjoy the cycling and remember that for thrilling experiences, you can make a Bike Tour!