Cycling in the rain

We all enjoy cycling. It’s one of those activities that has lots of advantages from improvements in your mood to health and body. However, when cycling, the weather plays an important part on the overall experience. On rainy days it’s quite usual to stay at home, doing indoor activities. Should cyclists deprive themselves of riding their bike on a rainy day?

We’ll state some advantages and disadvantages and our suggestion. The decision is always yours!

The rain and the cycling

As we all know the rainy weather obliges to some peculiar measures you must take when cycling. It’s important to have the right bike gear, such as a bicycle headlight as well as appropriate clothing that marks your presence to drivers. Keep in mind that it’s important to adapt your cycling. You have to be willing to ride your bike at a lower pace, in order to control your surroundings, be more wary of motorists blind spots and pay extra attention to the road.

Rain shouldn’t stop you from doing what you like most but, as stated, there are some contingencies you must take. Buying a fitting bike for this weather conditions is only one of them, you can find some tips about buying a bike here.


-The feeling of freedom and the contact with nature;

-Gaining confidence in yourself;

-Less traffic, you can enjoy the solitude;

-You’ll improve your handling skills;

-You’ll be more versatile.


-Less visibility;

-It may wear-out your equipment faster;

-Investment in suitable equipment;

-Riding at a lower speed;

-Slippery roads, oil patches and puddles.

Our suggestion

The beautiful thing about the weather is that we can’t change it, so we may as well just enjoy and adapt to it.

If you’re an adventurous person, who likes the rain and doesn’t mind on investing some money into suitable gear, then go for it, carefully! It’s truly an unique feeling!