Why are cycling clothes important when riding a bike?

While it’s not imperial, there are certain rules and tips that make the cycling clothing more appropriate and safer. By now you already know that the helmet is vital when cycling but what about the jersey? The shorts?

We’re going to state the importance of such equipment, as well as give some useful tips to help you when buying and wearing such clothes.



The usage of a helmet while cycling has very obvious reasons. It’s a must have item when cycling. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a bmx, a mountain bike or a simple bike. There’s designs adapted to each activity and comes in several colors, but it serves one purpose, most important than any: safety and protection. For more protection tips, head over to our article “10 Tips for a Safe Bicycle Ride”.

Jersey / Jacket


The cycling jerseys have specific features made to improve your cycling experience.

They usually come with a neck collar, to protect it from the sun. The front zipper is adaptable in order for you to manage it for ventilation purposes when the heat is too much. Some have back pockets for commodity, making it easy for you to reach any item. Reflective colors, so you’re visible at night. And, they’re perfected so you can be comfortable in its fabrics that also help you to keep dry.

The jackets is not only a warmer clothing type but they can prevent you from getting wet on rainy days by offering minimal insulation. There’s several lightweight ones for when the weather is unpredictable.

Shorts / Tights


There is a lot of bike shorts in order to best serve your purposes, they vary among modality but here’s the reasons why they’re important despite their main focus.

First of all they have additional stretch capacity to improve your movements allowing you to feel comfortable and have improved mobility. They have padded crotch which, once again promotes your comfort by reducing the friction, it also helps to cushion the road bumps you may find.

Bike tights are a good option for those who don’t want to use shorts. Either option you choose make sure they also are reflective.

Shoes and Socks


Shoes differ according to the modality. If you’re a mountain biker, shoes have durable soles good for gripping the terrain if needed. For road bikers, shoes light and aerodynamic. There’s also shoes for casual riders that look more like common shoes.



Headbands and skullcaps are perfect to prevent sweat from dripping down. Appropriate sunglasses are good to protect your eyes from the sun rays. Gloves are good for having a good grip on the handlebars, and there’s styles for winter and summer. Finally, leg warmers provide the much needed warmth for winter cycling. Click here for more tips for seasonal bike clothes.