Leave others green with envy at your photos!

Forget it. If you’re looking for technical tips on taking picture-frame photos, you can stop looking. What we have to offer are tips that will make your holiday album unique, exclusively yours. A perfect mirror of your vacation, the events and everything they offer.

1 – Don’t forget about the people

With social networks and the many photo techniques that are available on the internet, we tend to look for perfect backdrops, irresistible plays of light and enviable color combinations, but we forget the most important – people!

It‘s us, our faces, that tell the story of our vacation.

2 – Pay attention to details

The tiny little insect easing its way between two stones, the sun reflecting on a shell and a boat that interrupts a lake landscape. Everything is valid. Don’t limit yourself to the big landscapes, those that no one resists photographing. It’s in the unrepeatable details that you’ll have a story to tell, where your album will stand out from all the others.

You can go to the most visited places in the world, but if you photograph the details you’ll always have a unique album. Your own.

3 – If it’s a cliché, put your camera away

A photo of you smiling in front of a monument, an embarrassed face in the corner of a photo with the landscape of an Algarve ravine as the backdrop or the bike in front of you and you smiling. Take a shot. Make weird faces, jump in front of the sea, stand next to a statue and threaten it. Make your own story. Weird faces aren’t an embarrassment, but a vacation without record-worthy memories is. Dive headfirst into what seems ridiculous and you’ll have photos that will make you smile for the rest of your life. Photos with memories.

4 – Lend your camera to someone else

To your children, to your wife, to your husband, to your friends, to our tour guides, to everyone. Hand it over. The photos will come out different than you imagined. You’ll be surprised at the result.