5 tips for cycling with kids

Have you ever wondered what activities you could do with your kids that would make everyone happy? Cycling is one of them. Apart from being fun and safe, it’s also a healthy activity that everyone can do. To take the most out of this experience, we share with you 5 tips for cycling with kids.

Precious family times

Quality time together is important for every family. After all, it’s your family you can always count on. Family backs you in the bad times and celebrates the good times with you. But to build a strong bond with your family you must share quality time. Of course there will be divergences as to what to do, however, there are always some activities that everyone is happy to share and one of them is cycling. Cycling is a physical activity that can be enjoyed by any member of the family regardless of the age. When cycling for leisure, a slow pace is perfect to take the most out of the fresh air and the views, that’s why it is perfect for anyone, and a great way to have a unique experience that will most likely be a good memory.

Is cycling with your kids a good idea?

When we say that cycling is a great activity for any family member children are included.
Children are active and restless, they’re discovering the world, that’s why a physical activity might be more attractive to them. The calmness of a leisure tour allows everyone to cycle at their own pace. It is also a good way for any child to learn how to ride a bike, to improve their balance and to a certain extent, to make them feel independent and free. It’s a win-win scenario as kids find cycling really fun and it is a healthy experience.
The hardest part might be finding a safe route, and you might not get the full enjoyment of this activity for being always alert, that’s why we have a  dedicated family tour.

5 tips for cycling with kids

1-   Safety first

Always remember that safety is vital. A helmet is the most important item to use, however, if you’re really concerned about keeping the kids unharmed, you can always buy some knee and elbow pads. Also, here are some important  safety tips for a bicycle ride.

2-   The right bicycle

Another important thing to keep in mind is that everyone must have a bike that suits them, including children. The right bike will make everything easier.

3-   Bicycle training wheels

If the child is just starting to learn how to ride a bike or didn’t get the right balance yet, it might be better to use training wheels. This will allow the child to ride the bike and have fun safer.

4-   Choosing the right route

Be sure the route you chose is safe for the kids. There are lots of places where you can find bicycle paths, and most parks are usually really good to enjoy nature and to cycle safely.

5-   Have fun

The purpose of the activity is to enjoy everything that comes with cycling. The fun, the fresh air, nature, the views… You might even get challenged to a race by your kid, and you should enjoy that moment, but don’t forget to check if the path is safe enough to have a friendly competition.