3 Curious Facts about The St James Way

One of the tours we present for 2017 is Biking The St James Way, which starts in Oporto. We therefore decided to share with you 3 curiosities about one of the , religious and leisure destinations in the world.

1 – It’s not just one route, but several

Aragon, French, Sanabrés, Primitive and the Northern one are just some examples of the many routes to Santiago de Compostela that exist. The reason for this diversity is that in the Middle Ages, when the pilgrimages began, each person left their home in the direction of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which led to the creation of several routes.

2 – We Follow the Arrows

All the routes have yellow arrows along the way signalling the direction you should follow. These arrows have existed since the 1950’s and are constantly being renewed. Very often it’s the hostel owners themselves who ask the pilgrims to replace them on the way. The idea came from Elias Valiña, considered to be the driving force behind the Camino de Santiago in the modern era.

3 – The Symbol of the Camino – The Scallop Shell

At this point we can’t tell you what the reason is for the symbol being a scallop shell, because that’s precisely the curiosity. There are more than 1,000 versions for the symbol to be a shell. Two of the most well-known versions are that it’s the shape of a magical boat that carried the body of Santiago and the other is that the shape of the shell itself expresses the routes as they all start at different points and end in the same one.

Now that you know some of the curiosities of the Camino de Santiago, join our tour Biking The St James Way – The faith as your tour mate and venture forth in it with luxury support 🙂