Choose a healthy lifestyle

We spend most of our time taking care of our daily responsibilities, but it’s important not to forget about our well-being, and with small changes to our habits we can achieve a much healthier and satisfactory lifestyle for ourselves. Here are some habit tips you can include in your bucket list for next year.

1 – Doing something to stimulate your mind  

Doing some brain teasers or memorizing small paragraphs of a book or article you’re reading can be a good workout for your brain. You’ll notice your memory improving with time.

2 –  Engage in outdoor activities

A simple walk, a bike ride or some jogging, not necessarily long or with too much effort, will be ways to improve your self-esteem and humour, waking up your natural defence cells and antibodies. A small escape from your daily routine will make a huge difference to your well being.

3 – Have a good night’s sleep

It isn’t easy to control the time we spend sleeping, with so many activities to worry about and go through daily, but sleeping is mandatory to replenish your energies.

Define your tasks and keep a margin for unforeseeables, leaving always at least seven and a half hours for sleeping. It will help you maintain your physical health, as well as your mental one.

4 – Peel your fruits and vegetables only right before you eat them

This is a specific but important tip. The nutritional capacity of fruits and vegetables is well known to all, but not all of us know that only by leaving their peel up until the moment we eat them are we preserving their nutritional value. So peel them only when you’re going to eat them, and you’ll enjoy their full nutritional goodness.

With these small changes, by the end of next year you’ll look back to your life in an even more positive way, and you’ll be ready for new conquests. Dare to be happy!