3 Reasons for a biking holiday!

Holidays made on a bike, whatever the time of year, have a special charm that’s hard to explain. Being around nature, breathing the fresh air and the feeling of happiness when going through less obvious trails, trying new and different things, just really enjoying the moment. People who do it regularly understand. If you haven’t tried it, though, you can find three good reasons to do it below.

1 – Relaxation and mood improvement

During physical exercise, the endorphins your body releases, even when going slow, improve muscular relaxation, shining a much more optimistic light on life. Try it, you’ll see 🙂

2 – Absence of stress

If you can leave your troubles behind when on holiday (one of the basic principles for a happy holiday), on a biking tour you’ll completely distance yourself from any source of stress. You’ll ride through roads where traffic isn’t a problem, you won’t have to worry about traffic lights, and you won’t be in places crawling with people anxious to resolve something as soon as possible. All you’ll find is peace and quiet, and enjoyment of the moment.

3 – The sense of freedom

Just as our dear Sara Bodowsky mentioned on her post, when we’re travelling on a bike, you don’t see the scenery, you’re a part of it. The way we discover places, how the sun touches us, the feeling of the wind blowing on our face, or the colors of nature invading our sights, are truly unexplainable. Try it!

If you still have any concerns, read our 5 Tips for your first Bike Tour.