Sara Bodowsky’s experience in “The Alentejo Vineyards Colours”

RBS Group’s journalist Sara Bodowsky came for a luxury bike tour with us in Alentejo last September, and now writes all about her experience. Passing through emblematic places in the region, like Évora, Beja or Monsaraz, the “feeling of crossing the sunny fields of the south of Portugal with the wind blowing in the face” and the hotels and magnificent life stories she’s come across.

LunchBike Tour in AlentejoSara Badwosky

Sara confirms in her article that she felt divided when she was invited to a tour that explores different Alentejo cities, vineyards and winemakers, artisans and world-renowned chefs. One one hand, she already had her heart in the Alentejo sceneries, but in another she feared she wouldn’t be able to keep up and would slow everyone down, as she hadn’t ridden a bike in over a year. Still, after the tour she doesn’t hesitate to say that coming was indeed the best choice. She realized she could use an electric assisted bike when she struggled, and that the experience was far more important than any fear. “I’m lucky my fears are smaller that my curiosity”.

The journalist highlights the Capela dos Ossos (bones chapel) in Évora, the Monsaraz Castle – which she considered one of the most beautiful places she’s seen -, the beauty and experiences the selected hotels offered, and the life stories told by chefs and local artisans. But she was also enchanted by our guide José Carlos; our own chef André, that prepared her unforgettable lunches in the middle of nature; our kitchen- and bathroom-equipped trailer, and the wooden picnic furniture that spawned her claim “I didn’t just see the scenery, I was part of it”.

Here are some photos from Sara’s ride through Alentejo




You should really read the complete Sara Bodowsky article “Experiência: uma semana pedalando pelo Alentejo” or “Roteiro de bicicleta mostra um ângulo diferente da região do Alentejo, em Portugal“. And get in touch!, so we can schedule your own tour.

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