Do you know how to adjust your saddle?

It’s an awesome feeling when you sit on your bike to do your favourite sport and your saddle is perfectly adjusted! But how exactly do you achieve that?

That’s what you’re about to find out in this article.

Firstly, here are the two major warnings that your saddle isn’t adjusted just right for you.

  1. If the saddle forces your knees to bend constantly, it will strain them and might cause some pain.
  2. If your legs are fully extended, you will need to shift your position on the saddle, and that may lead to some bruises.

With this in mind, let’s move forward to adjusting your saddle for a correct posture during your bike tour.

4 Steps for adjusting your saddle:

  1. Sit on your saddle;
  2. Put your pedal all the way down;
  3. Adjust your saddle in a way that your leg is almost fully extended, but not completely;
  4. Having doubts about the right distance? Fully extend your leg, so that you can put your heel on the pedal. You’ll then have the exact margin so that your leg doesn’t need to be fully extended.

Make sure to also read these Tips for Bicycle Maintenance and you’ll have all the technical aspects checked. You just need to pick a bike tour! May we suggest “The Alentejo Heritage”?