5 tips for long Bike Tours

Bike tours have different characteristics, mainly related to the type of terrain, but also to the distance ran. If you’re considering going in a longer bike tour, here’s 5 tips to make the best of it.

1 – Hydration

A good hydration is of utmost importance so your body is in the best conditions throughout the entire route. Avoid getting thirsty, by hydrating at least every 20 minutes.

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2 – Food

Keeping your body with all the necessary energy is essential so you can focus on the scenery during your ride. Eat something 30 minutes before you start, taking care not to eat too much and avoiding “heavy” foods. Fruit, energy bars or food supplements may be good solutions. During the tour, just as with hydrating, try not to get to a point where you feel hungry. Keep eating small quantities of food every hour.

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3 – Comfort

Cycle comfort

The first tip is: take as little as you can. Any extra weight will come as uncomfortable as miles pile up. Choosing your bike according to the type of tour is also important. The clothes you select is also a decisive factor. On long rides, avoid underwear and choose appropriate apparel that already features specific lining for that effect. Using casual underwear will cause discomfort in your groin area as time passes. The weather, of course, will also influence your choices.  To make better clothes choices, please read our article Tips for bike tour clothing, where we detail ideal solutions for the different times of year.

4 – Pace

The way you spread out your effort is also very important so you keep a good performance throughout your tour, and enjoy it. Avoid too much effort in the beginning, before your body warms up, as this will cause greater fatigue and further along this will lead you to breathlessness. Another important tip is that you keep as constant as possible in your pedalling. It’s better to be slow and steady, than to sprint in some points and recovering in others. Keeping the right cadence is important. Also, you should avoid gaining too much speed in descents or curves, as you could be putting yourself in risk due to the weight transfer.

5 – Sunscreen

Being the last of our tips, this may sound less relevant. But it’s not. Even if it isn’t very sunny in the beginning, always wear sunscreen. You’ll be exposed for many hours, and so even if it’s not too bright, the sun will always be acting on your skin.

With all these tips, you’ll be ready to take part in one of our Challenge Tours, where you’ll enjoy some of Portugal’s finest landscapes. The real challenge will be accepting that another tour day has ended. Check out the available tours and get in touch via tours@biketoursportugal.com.