6 Reasons to choose Portugal

1 – Lisbon


Lisbon has the history, the culture and the modernity as few world capitals do. The light sparkles in each of its streets, and the São Jorge castle and many of its scenic viewpoints command unique sightings, bringing together the urban development with the river and its bridges. The Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the Belém Tower mark the Portuguese Discoveries, the opening of new worlds, just like we do in our Blue Coast – Sintra and Greater Lisbon tour. It keeps its typicalness intact in Alfama and Madragoa neighbourhoods, and takes its modernity and movida to its eternal Bairro Alto, or the renewed Cais do Sodré. It has, of course, the Baixa (downtown), with its poet Fernando Pessoa immortalized as a statue in Chiado and the magnificent, close to the river, view in Terreiro do Paço. Rua Augusta and Rua do Ouro are also unmissable. This is Lisbon, closeness and beauty.

2 – Pastéis de Belém

Pastéis de Belém

These are some of the most well liked pastries in the country, as proven by its more than 20,000 units made and sold every day in the Confeitaria (bakery), near the Jerónimos Monastery. This is one place you can’t miss in Lisbon, and you can read all about it here: Pastéis de Belém, the history and the secret.

3 – Wines

Portuguese Wines

One of the most famous wines in the world comes from Oporto, but there are many others in Portugal that delight everyone who visits us. The Alentejo wines, for example, are filled with secrets we reveal in this post: Alentejo wines, what’s so special about about them?

But the best way to know them is without a doubt to visit its production sites, in the wineries that develop the, and win international prizes. One way to do it is on top of a bike, in our Alentejo Vineyards Colours tour.

4 – Sintra, Tavira and Évora

Palácio da Pena

Along with Guimarães, The Telegraph considered Sintra and Tavira as cities of yet-unknown beauty. In Sintra, the Pena Palace, the first built in Europe in Romantic style architecture, and part of our Blue Coast – Sintra and Greater Lisbon tour, stands out in the scenery.    Tavira is a fishing village, with a delicious cuisine and a natural park where you can admire unique animal species  in a pure nature habitat, something you can also see in our Algarve from West to East tour.

In that same article, The Telegraph mentioned the Capela dos Ossos (bones’ chapel) in Évora, as one of the mandatory visits in Portugal. But this isn’t the only highlight of this UNESCO’s World Heritage city. The Temple of Diana is equally unmissable, as we always make sure to mention in our Alentejo Heritage tour.

5 – Hotels

Hotel Room Made Of Cork

It isn’t by chance that Portugal has conquered numerous hotel-related awards, be it with hostels, luxury hotels or resorts. On our tours, for example, we provide hotels the assure both luxury and typicalness, so that you can not only rest in style, but also discover some of the history and behaviors of the region. Herdade das Barradas and Herdade da Malhadinha Nova are perfect examples of this. In the first you can even sleep in a room decorated in cork, one of the most typical portuguese products.

6 – Beaches and Weather

Praia da Dona Ana, Lagos. Algarve

To speak of Portugal and its qualities is to speak of the climate and beaches. The moderate, typically mediterranean weather, invites you to go outside and walk in any time of year. Sure, the rain makes its mark here and there, mostly in winter, but even then it’s never too cold, always good for walking or biking, through the natural landscapes that embellish so much of Portugal’s territory.

Beaches are our main postcard. Beautiful, with long golden sandbanks and the ocean lying on the horizon. Its rocky cliffs, in the Vicentina coast and Algarve, are also very typical. We have two tours where you can discover most of these fabulous beaches: the Algarve from West to East and Cruising The Coast. They’re simply unforgettable.

With all these excellent reasons, why wait any longer? Pick your favorite tour in Portugal, give us a call, and come and experience the sensations of a unique country.