5 tips for Buying a Bike

Physical exercise and leisure are two of the most important aspects of our life, and still, we don’t always look forward to do them. Either because we’re short on time, or lacking in willpower, or when the weather’s not so good. Or, simply, because we made a wrong choice of exercise materials, and the lack of comfort in the exercise left us unmotivated. Thinking of that, we’ve created a small list of things to consider when buying your bike, so you can make the wisest choice.

1 – Go to a bicycle shop

It’s tempting to buy a bicycle in a mall or department store, because it’s easily acessible, however if you’re looking for a solution that will fit your needs and give you a pleasant exercise, in a bicycle shop you’ll be more carefully guided by someone with a specific know-how, and they will help you on a better buying decision.

2 – Think of the use you’ll have for your bike

It’s better to define what you want from your bike, if it’s for riding with the family on weekends or short road or mountain tours, as this will be instrumental in buying the right equipment. A good choice of bike isn’t something that’s ok for every situation, but one that’s perfect for its most common use.

3 – Mind your gears

Regardless of type of bike, you should watch out for its gears. Not in quantity, but in precision. More important than the number of gears, whatever the cycling type, is their precision and smoothness, as these will ensure a ride without bumps or unnecessary problems — a leisurely ride.

4 – Forget the brand

Naturally, there are more recognizable bike brands than others, sometimes by its quality, but always for their effective communication strategy. Don’t make the brand a deciding factor when buying. Your decision should be made according to your needs and the type of exercise you want to do.

5 – Final decision

After all is taken into account, if you end up with two bikes on your shortlist, choose the one with better wheels. Wheels are fundamental for a good workout experience.

After all five factors are pondered and decided, you’ll have your bike to enjoy a nice family ride, a little more speed on the road, or ready to travel through rocky mountains. What matters is you make the most of your exercise, the way you like it best 🙂


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