Pure Life Experiences – How we live it

Pure Life Experiences was created in 2009 by two visionary travellers, Serge Dive and Sarah Ball, who had the ambition to ‘create a platform for an emerging movement of mavericks re-imagining the role of high-end, experiential travel to positively impact conservation efforts and transform lives’.

This year, once again, we were selected to represent the bike touring sector in Portugal, in another unique experience. These were unforgettable days.

This event is designed so that the experience between clients and suppliers is based on proximity, nurturing bonds that go way beyond a commercial relationship. The whole atmosphere is casual, with smile-filled meetings, wonderful stories and various post-event activities. As an example of the event’s informality, this year’s dress code was “Bohemian Chic”, and there were temporary tattoos for suppliers and tourists alike to share the spirit. Mint teas and luscious moroccan desserts also kept a climate of harmony and complicity that allowed for long and relaxed conversations. And this is really the best way to bond and truly understand what clients want, isn’t it?

Never satisfied, the event’s organization even set up an internal shopping center. This made for some last minute shopping and some wonderful neck massages with argan aromatic oil. But that wasn’t the peak of these wonderful days. That spot was reserved for an amazing party, with the desert as background and a dj set to light up the dancefloor, where clients and suppliers talked, had fun together, and went beyond business as usual. And that’s how true experiences are created.

These were 4 days filled with work, fun and mutual discovery, enabling us to further fine tune our offerings, focusing on clients and their needs. Get to know our services: Our Tours.