Tips for bike tour clothing

Clothing is a fundamental element for your comfort during a bike tour. Bike maintenance, as we mentioned in Tips for Bicycle Maintenance, is paramount, but so is choosing the right outfit, as it can make your ride much more comfortable.


When it’s hot outside, your equipment should keep you cool. Cycling shorts and jersey are best, since they’re light on the skin and, being made of synthetic materials, help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems. The back pockets on the jersey also make it easier to get to your water or snacks without any complex movements.


Managing your body’s temperature is fundamental so you don’t catch a cold. Whenever you stop, it’s important to have an extra piece of clothing to wear. When riding, on the other hand, it’s best to have a jersey with an easily accessible zipper, so that you can keep your body temperature stable. If you’re sweating, open the zipper a little bit, and re-close it when slowing down. This natural management will ensure you don’t get sick.
When it’s raining, there’s no absolutely right outfit. Take note, however, that sometimes the clothes you wear to protect you from the rain will make so hot that you’ll be getting wet more from sweat than from the rain. Not very comfortable! We advise you to choose your clothes more according to general temperature than rain. Pants make perfect sense for winter rain, but not that much for summer storms. A thin rain cover, to protect you both from rain and wind, is always a good option in any season.
If the temperature is indeed very low, you can always wear more than one layer of clothes. In that case, keep in mind:
1st layer – close to the skin, it should be made out of non absorbing fabric, like tactel, normally used in beach shorts;
2nd layer – a very absorbing fabric, like cotton, for example;
3rd layer – a thick sweater with thermal insulation, like a polar one;
4th layer – to protect you from wind, preferably made of nylon.

During mid seasons, when it’s complicated to judge temperatures and weather, our advice is to always carry something extra. Experience will tell which items can be taken off.
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