Algarve through our eyes

Algarve is one of Portugal’s better known regions – everyone has heard of its beaches, nightlife or luxurious resorts. What is maybe not very well known are its natural charms.

Sure, Algarve is all about beaches, but also cliffs, endless sand plains that lead to gigantic slopes with a view of the sea, and people who just love what they do. Algarve is all about feelings. The sea that soothes more than the sky and fuses with it in the horizon, the sand that brings together families and friends in well spent afternoons, the local cuisine that delights us, and sunsets that remind us of how small we are compared to the vastness of nature.

Lagos, for example, has some of the beaches that have been considered many times as the best in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and even the world. These beaches join the sand with the rocks and the sea with the sky in a truly unique way. From its clifftops you can see the horizon, imagine it in front of you, just a dive and a paddle away. But it’s far away, standing in a distant point in the middle of the Atlantic, even though the climate is typical Mediterranean. Warm and luminous, delightful and made to give you happiness.

Still, summer in Algarve also brings many cars and floods of people that make it hard for us to visit the places we want to discover – who wants to stay at a single beach or resort? For us, the sheer possibilities opened by a bike ride, where we can see all the places, smell every scent and feel every breeze, makes us feel special for what we do. This is the Algarve we love.

Discover it, with a little help from us, in the Algarve from West to East tour.