Good nutrition before and after a workout

For the full enjoyment of a physical activity, its important that our body is ready for it. We covered hydration in our last article, so in this one we’ll talk about food.

We must say there is no such thing as a right meal, there are only some good practices to look out for.

Before the workout  

Before working out, you should try to have a carb-rich meal approximately 3 to 4 hours in advance. Carb-rich foods are bread, potatoes, rice and other cereals. If you can’t make this meal, try to have a sandwich or cereal bar 1 to 2 hours before. Naturally, the more intense the activity, the more carbs you should have. They’re responsible for tackling the lack of oxygen in our body caused by the physical activity.

Another thing to look out for, and explained in detail in our previous blog post, is hydration. Keep drinking water during your workout, so you can keep your hydration balanced throughout your workout.

Lastly, before your workout there’s one more thing to keep in mind. You should avoid any food that’s rich in fats or fibres. These types of food make for longer digestions, potentially causing some gastric unease. Fiber-rich foods include grapes, apples, tangerines and peaches, as well as vegetable legumes. As for fat-rich there’s, for instance, tenderloin, beef or bacon.

After the workout

There’s not much you should do after your workout besides putting back what your body needs. In the first hour after, you should eat from 60 to 100g of carbs, to replenish your body energy. You should also have one or two pieces of fruit in the end of the next meal, as fruit is rich in minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, and helps with the muscular regeneration of your body.

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