5 Myths About Bicycle Tours

With our bike tour experience, namely in the luxury segment, we took an article from USA Today and adapted it to our reality.

Let’s check those myths!


1 – Bicycle Tours are always through mountain roads or complicated routes

There are of course companies that develop mountain routes on uneven ground, with steep climbs and descents, although in our case we prefer a totally different perspective.

Our tours are mostly done through straight and paved roads, allowing for a controlled effort and, more importantly, the enjoyment of the surroundings and stops for our gourmet lunches.   


2 – You need to be in excellent shape to enjoy a Bike Tour

One should strive to be in good physical condition, but that’s not a requisite in most of our tours. Our leisure and family tours are designed as a luxury experience (and not as a sport event), so you can enjoy the richness of the portuguese landscapes and monuments, without having to go through the usual tourist programmes on a bus or rental car.

The Luxury on Two Wheels experience is based on a mix of sensations combined in a tour. Luxury cuisine in the most unexpected settings, world-class lodgings in some of the most wonderful portuguese locations, and fully-supported bike rides on scenic roads.


3 – It’s hard to have a family bicycle tour, for everyone has a different pace

A lot of our clients are families. Some groups are exclusively seniors (see myth #4), while in others there are children that haven’t even learned how to ride a bike, and are still able to go along with their parents on trailers or tandems.

Adding to that, rest assured our guides make it a priority that all group members have a fantastic experience, and coordinate the tour pace so that everyone can enjoy the tour on their own terms.

The tour is on a bike, the experience is made of sensations, places and details.  


4 –  I’m too old to be on a bike tour

This is a myth that almost makes us laugh. We’ve had more than enough examples of people in our tours who completely debunk this idea.

Some of our most satisfied clients are in their 50s, 60s or even 70s. Arriving as a couple or in groups, they were thrilled with the experience, not only for the wonderful bike rides, but also for all the places they visited, the cuisine they discovered, the wines they tasted and the luxury accommodations they stayed in.

A luxury bicycle tour is much more than a simple bike tour: it goes much further that the joy of riding a bike, into a unique way to discover our beautiful Portugal.


5 – The cost is prohibitive

We’re aware that we work in the luxury segment. Even so, we know our offer is both appealing and competitive.

We combine several different experiences in a single one. Biking, gourmet cuisine, unforgettable beaches and towns, luxury hotels, famous wineries, all with personalized service and top-notch equipment, for a price that’s truly unique – in a good way.

We’re more than happy to dispell any other myths you might have heard somewhere. Get in touch with us at tours@biketoursportugal.com and we’ll do our best to answer!