4 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Bicycle Tour

Based on our experience over these past 4 years, here are the 4 main reasons to choose a Luxury Bicycle Tour:

1 – Bicycle Knowledge and Repair

On a luxury bicycling tour, equipment is never a secondary factor. Care for all materials is doubled and replacement parts are readily available. A bike expert is never too far away and in some cases (like ours) there’s a support van that works as a mobile repair shop.  

2 – Much more than a bike tour

Exercise, beautiful landscapes and a fair share of adventure are all present on a bike tour, but on a luxury bike tour there’s so much more. You’ll have access to exclusive and unusual places, and will enjoy a combination of fantastic accommodations, exquisite local cuisine and dedicated service that will make your holiday truly memorable.

3 – Exclusive Experiences

On a luxury tour, you’ll visit fantastic and unforgettable locations — you’ll likely be shown places that aren’t listed in the usual tourist guides, and stay in accommodations that aren’t available to everyone. As such, you’ll have the best of both worlds: a genuine experience and also an exclusive one.

4 – Customization

When a company is focused on luxury, like Bike Tours Portugal, they often offer tours for different types of holidays. Relaxing trips where you can join a larger group, family-oriented tours you can enjoy with your better half and children, tours for large groups of friends, romantic getaways, and completely customized, tailor made experiences.
These are some of the things that distinguish a simple bike tour from a luxury experience. We live by the motto “Luxury on Two Wheels”, and have no doubts that it’s the only way to go on holiday.