The Algarve bets on Cycling & Walking

It was with great excitment that we received news of the initiative of ANA – Airports of Portugal, to ask TDI (Tourism Development International) for a study that addressed the needs of tourism demand in the Cycling & Walking segment in the Algarve region.

This international entity presented some suggestions as a result of this study:

  • To rehabilitate and establish new routes for walking and cycling;
  • To create maps with the available integrated offerings;
  • To improve on the dissemination of the new tourist offers;
  • And to create a network of services to support and enhance the visitors’ experience;

Based on these results, a partnership formed by Amal, ERTA, ATA and Turismo de Portugal, launched the Program for the Development of Cycling & Walking 2016-2019. This program, according to Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal, will have a “priority role in the framework of an international positioning strategy of Portugal as a destination of excellence for the practice of those activities outside high season.”.

Following these conclusions and declarations, we are proud to keep developing a serious and future-facing activity in the Cycling segment, namely in the high-end offerings. We believe that the Algarve can be an excellent destination for the practice of Cycling & Walking outside of the high season, but also in it: the weather is mild, the beaches are amazing and the service is world-class. The ingredients are all here, and excellence is maintained over the whole year.