Touring the Blue Coast

A biking holiday shoud be fun, enriching and invigorating, not just healthy. One of our tours addresses these three goals, using the beautiful “Costa Azul” (Blue Coast) as a backdrop.

The Blue Coast stretches from Lisbon to Sines (160 km), with extensive sandy areas, rocky slopes, nature reserves, tiny villages and picturesque towns, making it a perfect example of the Portuguese landscape.

With extensive knowledge of the natural and cultural beauty of the south of Portugal, through our guides, who know Portugal like the back of their hands, we add what makes us different, like the service – so you’re always happy –, the gourmet meals – to make you feel well looked after in the rest you deserve –, and the equipment and safety –, so your tour is unforgettable.

We believe that a holiday experience abroad should not be restricted to a single area of ​​interest, but rather to as much detail as possible. There’s no need to be drowned in nature, sleeping outside or in rustic accommodations, to enjoy it. You can easily travel through it, getting to know its secrets, on a beautiful bike ride, with the confidence that you’ll have all the necessary support, the guarantee of a good night’s sleep in the best hotels in the area, and an exclusive chef that will prepare amazing gourmet dishes and select a wine he has discovered on one of the many Alentejo vineyards he’s been through.

This fine balance between biking, nature, history, gastronomy and culture, is what we call Luxury on Two Wheels. What are you waiting for? Join us in Portugal for an unforgettable holiday.